Best for: Middle and high school students, college students, adult groups
Topic: government, nature, European history, arts, literature, music, culture, technology, entreprenurship, others


We have faculty-led trips to Poland with University of Massachusetts -Boston and the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) with a focus on higher and special education. Groups of students and professors have attended seminars at the University of Gdansk, Warsaw Padagogical University, Catholic University in Lublin and Jagiellonski University in Krakow.  Groups have met with many service providers, visited schools and shared dinners with the wife of former president and Solidarity movement leader Lech Walesa and senator Libicki.

DAY 1 – Arrive in Gdańsk

10.00-­6.00 PM   Airport pick-­‐up. Driver will be waiting with a sign printed with your names

12.00‐7.00 PM   Lunch, sightseeing, and shopping at your leisure

7.00 PM             Dinner at Admiral Hotel

Meeting to discuss next day’s activities


7.45 AM             Bus departs from hotel to Kościerzyna

8.30-­‐10.00 AM  Visit hospital in Kościerzyna (meeting with directors, psychologists, therapists)

10.30-­‐12.00 PM  Transfer and visit to special education and therapeutic center (meetings with directors, therapists, presentation of actual therapies)

12.00 PM          Visit to community “Bure Misie”, www.buremisie.org.pl

1.00 PM            Lunch in local restaurant Rzemyk

2.00 PM            Sightseeing at Kaszuby region old village, www.cepr.pl

3.30 PM            Return to hotel. Time for rest and refresh

6.10 PM            Meet in a lobby and 5 min walk to the restaurant

6.30 PM            Dinner with Danuta Wałęsa -­‐ Taverna Restaurant (Powroźnicza 19/20, Gdańsk, +48 58 301 41 14)

20.00 PM          Return to hotel

Contacts: Aleksandra Szulman-­‐Wardal (602 87 32 54), Arkadiusz Mański (502 07 35 31)



8.45 AM                 Bus departs hotel

9.00-­10.30 AM       Institute for Child development (ul. Malczewskiego 139 Gdańsk, www.iwrd.pl)

11.00-­12.00 PM     Institute of Psychology (Gdański University , Bażyńskiego 4 pok. C325)

12.00-­1.30 PM       Lunch at university

12.30-­‐3.30 PM      Sightseeing: Westerplatte, Solidarity Museum, Old Town

4.00 PM                  Return to hotel. Time for rest and refresh

6.15 PM                  Meet in hotel lobby

6.30 PM                  Dinner at Pod Ryba (Ul. Piwna 61/63, Gdansk)

8.00 PM                  Return to hotel

Contacts: Mariola Bidzan 602 31 61 61, Małgorzata Lipowska 502 33 46 87

Day 4 – Head to Warsaw

8.00 AM                 Bus departs hotel for Warsaw

12.00 PM               Lunch on the bus

1.00 PM                 Arrive at hotel

6.00 PM                 Depart hotel lobby for Rozana restaurant (Chocimska 7, Warszawa, +48 22 848 12 25)

6.30 PM                 Dinner at Rozana with Polish senators and ministers involved in disability

8.00 PM                Return to hotel

Day 5

8.30 AM                  Bus departs hotel

9.00-­10.00 AM        Meetings at SYNAPSIS foundation (Ondraszka 3 Street Warsaw, synapsis.org.pl) Presentation of by Maria Wroniszewska

11.20-­‐12.15 PM     Trip to Wilcza Gora, workplace for people with autism (Ul. Jasna 36A Wilcza Gora) Lunch on the bus

12.15-­‐2.15 PM       Presentation of project “House and Work” and products that people with autism produce

3.00 PM                   Return to hotel. Time for rest and refresh

6.45 PM                   Meet in hotel lobby, 10 min walk to restaurant

7.00 PM                   Dinner at Folk Gospoda (Waliców 13, 00-­‐865 Warszawa)

8.00 PM                   Return to hotel

Contact: Agnieszka Adamska (a.adamska@synapsis.org.pl, 22 825 87 42)

Day 6

9.30 AM                      Bus departs hotel

10.00-­11.30 AM          Visit to private school at Foundation for People with Disabilities (Ul.Zgrupowania AK “Kampinos” 4 Warsaw)

12.00-­2.00 PM            Meeting with staff at Institute for Special Needs Teaching (Ul.Szczesliwiecka 40 Warsaw) 14.00-­‐15.00    Lunch

3.30 PM                       Return to hotel

6.30 PM                       Depart hotel lobby for Opasle Tomy restaurant

7.00 PM                       Dinner at Opasle Tomy restaurant (ul. Foskal 17 Warsaw)

8.00 PM                       Return to hotel

Day 7

10.00-­‐2.00 PM    Sightseeing in Warsaw: Lazienki Park, Palac Kultury I Nauki, Warsaw Getto, Old Town, Chopin benches, etc.

2.00-­‐6.30 PM       Free time for shopping and your own activities

6.30 PM                Depart hotel lobby departure for restaurant Zapiecek

7.00 PM                Dinner at restaurant Zapiecek (ul. Nowy Swiat 64)

8.00 PM                Return to hotel

Day 8 – Lublin

9.00 AM                Bus leaves hotel lobby for Lublin

12.00  PM              Arrive at hotel

12.00 PM               Lunch

1.00-­2.30 PM         Free time

2.30 PM                 Depart hotel to old town

2.30-­6.00 PM         Sightseeing: Lublin Old town, Lublin Castle

6.30 PM                 Dinner at Mandragora restaurant (Rynek 9, 20-­‐400 Lublin, +48 81 536 20 20)

8.00 PM                 Return to hotel

Day 9

8.30 AM                Bus departs hotel

9.00-­5.30 PM        Meetings at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (al. Raclawickie 14)

6.30 PM                Dinner at restaurant Ąka (Marii Skłodowskiej-­‐Curie 12, 20-­‐400 Lublin, +48 508 499 983) Contact: Wojciech Otrembski (otrembski@kul.pl , 516 120 094)

Day 10 – Kraków

8.30 AM                  Bus departs hotel for Kraków

11.30 AM                Lunch on bus

12.00 PM                Arrive at hotel and free time

2.00-6.30 PM         Sightseeing in Kraków: Old town, Kazimierz, Wawel Castle

6.30 PM                 Dinner at Destino (ul Świętego Jana 8 Kraków)

8.00 PM                 Return to hotel

Day 11

8.30 AM                Bus leaves hotel

9.00-­12.00 PM     Visit to Special Education School (ul Zakatek)

12.00 PM              Lunch

1.00-2.00 PM        Visit to Collegium Maius, oldest building of Jagiellonski University 14.00-­‐19.00      Discussion panel at Jagiellonski University

8.00 PM        Dinner at Ogniem I Mieczem restaurant (Plac Emila Serkowskiego 7, Kraków, +48 12 656 23 28)

9.00 PM        Return to hotel

Contact: Barbara Ostafińska-­‐Molik (b.ostafinska-­‐molik@uj.edu.pl, 509 144 133)

Day 12

9.00 AM            Bus leaves for Auschwitz and Wieliczka

1.00 PM            Lunch on bus

6.00 PM            Dinner at Wieliczka

7.00 PM            Return to hotel

Day 13

Airport shuttles depart according to flight itinerary