Trips to Cuba



Small, private groups between 6-12 participants. Deadline to register: March 1st.

8 days$2395  Based on (double accommodation) and $2595 single accommodation

Includes: round trip flight from Miami, visa, Cuban insurance, all ground transportation, accommodation, most meals, guides, tickets to scheduled attractions, 24h assistance from tour leader.
Havana- the most romantic of all the cities in the world. Imagine yourself walking along the Malecon, listening to waves crushing against the sea wall and street musicians singing Besame Mucho, sipping drinks on the patio of Hotel Nacional or rooftops of La Guardita, discovering the grand history of the Cuban revolution and abundance of art, music and spectacular architecture, traveling through rolling hills of countryside with tobacco plantations and hidden artists communities.
Is it legal and safe to go?
It is perfectly legal to go to Cuba with Colibri: The new regulations require Americans to travel with a group and under the supervision of a company under American jurisdiction. The group must follow an itinerary that provides educational experiences and interaction with Cuban people. The group must support Cuban people (for example by staying in casas particulares) and avoid hotels and sites owned by the Cuban military (restricted list). Colibri’s tours comply with the new regulations.
It is safe to go to Cuba. Actually we find Cuba to be one of the safest countries for visitors, especially with an experienced travel provider. We are an American company, but also with operations in Europe. When in Cuba we have access to the US embassy, Polish embassy, and the European Union office.

Tour Operator: Colibri Boston +1 617 301 1237

Number for Cuba +53

Emergency Numbers in Cuba

Police 106


Asistur – 24 h English speaking tourist information regular hours: 7-866-8527 emergency 24 h 7-866-8527

American Embassy – (+53) 7839-4100 address: Calzada st between L&M

Hospital: Clínica Central Cira Garcia Hospital Miramar Havana

Address: Ave. Lazaro e/ 18 y 20, Pya, La, Cárdenas, La Habana

Phone:+509 34 86 8761

Panataxi: 7-55 -55-55-55

Cellphones: Every participant is obligated to have cellphone roaming turned on or have a roaming card. If you need roaming card please contact us in advance. TMobile offers the best service in Cuba; cost is 2 USD per minute and 50 Cents per text message. AT&T and Verizon also offer roaming there. Please call your provider and ask for Cuba roaming to be activated.

Cuban Currency: 

Cuba operates with two type of currency: Convertible CUC which currently is about 1 CUC = 0.85 USD and Cuban pesos. As a tourist you will be operating with CUC.

Exchanging US currency to CUC involves 10% fee, so if you have Euros, Canadian dollars, or Mexican pesos you will get a better rate.


 We will be staying in casas particulares in Havana and Trinidad. Your host will take care of all your needs, provide breakfast, help you order taxi if needed, show you the nearest restaurant, arrange for laundry, etc. It is like having a private concierge available all the time.







Tiny bottle (6 days supply) of hand sanitizer, prescribed medication, small gifts for our hosts, cash, personal cosmetics only in travel size or samples, super comfortable shoes and light clothes, a pullover sweater.


What NOT to bring:

Winter jackets, heavy shoes, high heels, perfumes, jewelry, full size cosmetics.


Call 617.301.1237  or email us


DAY 1  March 17th

Flight to Cuba. Welcome dinner in Old Havana. Cuban music and drinks.

DAY 2  March 18th


Close your eyes and imagine taking a trip to the past: riding in an old cabriolet, cigar in hand, waves crashing against the Malecon sea wall. In the evening, mojitos at Hemingway’s favorite spot to the tunes of Buena Vista social club. We will spend a day strolling the streets between four main Colonial squares, learning about Havana’s eclectic architecture and world famous restoration project by city historian Eusebio Leal.

Plaza de la Cathedral, Cathedral de San Cristobal, Plaza De Armas, Museo de la Ciudad, Fort Castillo de la Fuerza, Calle Mercares.

Dinner at traditional Cuban restaurant Dona Eutimia – the best Cuban meal in Havana Vieja.


DAY 3  March 19th


Ernest Hemingway lived in Cuba for 20 years. He wrote his famous novels here and dedicated his Nobel prize to the people of Cuba. In a fleet of convertible Chevrolets, we will travel to Hemingway’s house “La Vigia” and afterward the spectacular art project established by the famous Fuster!

Evening with Salsa lesson and concert at Casa de la Musica.



DAY 4 March 20th


Museum de la Revolucion and Plaza de la Revolution, Cuban Art Museum.


 DAY 5  March 21


Valle de Vinales: A Unesco World Heritage site with stunning limestone monoliths, mural de Prehistoria, and range of beautiful caves. We will visit local farmers, discuss Cuban Farming, and have lunch at the spectacular Finca Agrecologica, restaurant on the farm serving their own food.

Cuba Vieja


 DAY 6  March 22 nd


Founded in 1968, Unesco Biosphere Reserve was the first eco-village, and today includes a boutique hotel, artist studios, and coffee plantation ruins. Enjoy this day of learning about Cuban art, hiking, bird watching, artist studio visits, and locally grown coffee ending with a swim in an emerald river at Banos.


DAY 7  March 23 rd


In the afternoon we will head for a picturesque Trinidad. This perfectly preserved Spanish colonial town, built on sugar fortunes will transport us to the nineteenth century. There are no words to describe the magic of Trinidad, so we’ll let photos do the talking: 


DAY 8 March 24 th

Cienfuegos, where we fly to Miami

Cuba’s Perla del Sur (pearl of the south). Cienfuegos is a beautiful city with elegant French architecture and a stunning waterfront. Surrounded by sugar cane plantations, it played an important role in Cuba’s production. Incredible geographical location and oceanography.


We will be staying in beautiful casas particurales.

Casas: Cuban bed-and-breakfasts. Stunning colonial villas or modern apartments with lots of character. These casas are privately run and support local people.





Get Your Cuba Travel Registration Form: Download PDF


Endorsement from Marc Frank, US correspondent (Reuters, ABC News, Financial Times), author of Cuban Revelations: Behind the Scenes in Havana


It was a pleasure to meet you and talk with your group of visitors in Havana. You are both charming and knowledgeable on Cuba, and your fellow travelers were so diverse, intelligent and curious. I do wish you success in your future Cuban endeavors, most of all for the experience it will surely bring your clients and secondly for the excellent company it will deliver to Cuba.

Marc Frank, author of Cuban Revelations: Behind the Scenes in Havana

From our travelers

Hi Sylvia,

Before too much time goes by, I wanted to take this opportunity to again thank you for the incredible trip to Cuba.

While Cuba is a fascinating country, it wouldn’t have been nearly as wonderful without your commentary, creativity and enthusiasm.

I was so utterly impressed with your knowledge of Cuba’s history, your remarkable ability to navigate the Cuban bureaucracy, and your unending flexibility and willingness to make our requests come to fruition. I don’t think that there was a detail that you didn’t attend to. Add to that your wonderful sense of humor, sensitivity and great spirit – and you are hard to beat! I would follow you on any trip you plan knowing it would be just as exciting, informative and fun as Cuba was. On a more personal note, I loved getting to know you better and to share morning breakfast conversations. What a treat! Stay well. Both Bill and I look forward to travelling with you in the future.


Gail Grossman

Hello Sylvia,

I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to be part of the wonderful trip to Cuba. I cannot believe all that we were able to experience in such a short time. I feel much more well informed about Cuba than I did before this trip and am now a big fan of Che Guevara thanks to you!
Thank you again for the experience of a lifetime,
Gail Griffin

Hi Sylvia, as I am sitting here in my office looking out at the rain and cold weather, I cannot help but think back to last week and the wonderful opportunity for all of us individually and collectively to learn more about the Cuban people, their country, their government and observe their way of life. It was enriching and enlightening for me and certainly raised a number of thoughts about how we might seek to develop more relationships with the Cuban people and potentially their government. Of course both the US and Cuba are in a state of transition and so our relationship building may take some time but we are a bit smarter as to the interests of the Cuban people and their country thanks to your guidance and support along our tour through this most interesting country. We have also talked about how skilled you were in guiding our group through this learning process and how resourceful you, Jorge and Joelle (not sure about spelling). Your support and guidance made this trip a very special one for me and I am sure for all of the members of the group. 

Bill Kiernan

As a recent participant on a Cuba Study tour thru UMASS BOSTON guided by Sylvia Rozwadowska of Colibri I have nothing but high praise for her and Colibri’s preparations and follow through for all phases. 
As a frequent foreign traveler who avoids group tours I can say I was pleasantly surprised by her ability to cater to those folks who needed more guidance while leaving us solo types to explore as we wished. 
The local contacts she made for guide and driver were excellent. The accommodations were far from spartan yet allowed people to soak up local flavor through the Cuban equivalent of Bed and Breakfasts. 
Finally as on all trips, both solo and group, unforeseen logistical problems arose which Sylvia handled with professional competence and aplomb. 
Kudos to Colibri overall and Sylvia Rozwadowska specifically. 
A huge note of appreciation and thanks.
Joe Marrone