Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Camp 2017 is coming next! If you are an international student at an American boarding school, join our camp during Thanksgiving when dorms are closed. We are located in the heart of Boston.

Our Thanksgiving dates are flexible to match your school’s calendar. In addition to scheduled activities and sightseeing, we celebrate by serving a traditional American Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Celtics game on Black Friday is always a huge hit!

Our Recent Thanksgiving Camps

Thanksgiving Camp 2016

 We were pleased to have 10 schools join: Cheshire Academy, Northfield Mount Hermon, Avon Farm School, Thornton Academy, MacDuffie School, Marianapolis Prep, Pomfret School, Kent School, West Nottingham Academy, Brehm School

There were 60 students in total with 6 camp leaders! We had fun doing lots of activities, dinners, and more.
Our favorite activities from the trip: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum, Harvard University Campus and Dorms, Boston University, MIT,  Duck tour,  Basketball at YMCA, and Fantastic Beasts at IMAX theatre.
We enjoyed meals from many delicious restaurants: Hot Pot, Penjang, Pho Pasteur, Cheesecake Factory, Panera Bread and more…



Thanksgiving Camp 2015

Students from 13 schools joined us for Thanksgiving Camp 2015. They traveled by train, bus, and even plane!

Walnut Hill School for the Arts, Thornton Academy, St. Andrew’s School, MCI, MacDuffie School, Cheshire Academy, Marianapolis, The Hun School of Princeton, Kent School, Grand River Academy, Woodlands Academy, Fay School, and Pennington.

We visited Harvard, MIT, Museum of Science, MFA, NE Aquarium, AMC movie theatre; high-fived Celtics players on the basketball court and jumped on Boston Duck Tour. We shared lots of laughs over hot pot and sampled different cuisines in countless Boston restaurants.