English Language Program

English Language Program in Harvard Sq

June 29th – July 19th, 2019

For students age 13 -17 entering grades 8-12.

Our English language summer program in Boston is designed to help international students improve their proficiency in the English language.

Students enrolled in the English language program in Harvard Sq engage in a comprehensive four-week program housed on campus of the most prestigious university in the US. They learn and practice English in traditional classrooms as well as workshops at Google, Microsoft, MIT, and other locations throughout Boston.


Classes are led by qualified ESL instructors, and consist of:

  • Twenty hours of instruction per week
  • Curriculum that includes writing, speaking, reading, and listening exercises
  • Each lesson is structured around a range of fun, innovative and challenging assignments that will prepare students for interactions and conversations in English upon completion of the program.

In addition to traditional class time, students are able to practice their language proficiency through scheduled activities such as:

  • Seminars and tours at MIT and Harvard
  • Visits to major tech companies such as Google and Microsoft
  • Technical workshops i.e. coding in Microsoft.
  • English language movies


Our instructors understand the importance of integrating culture with experienced, quality instruction. That is the basis of Colibri Boston’s guiding mission to their students. We provide educational and cultural immersion, while ensuring quality residential accommodations. All of our instructors are ESL certified and graduates of Harvard or other top universities.

During the program, instructors help students:

  • Develop linguistic skills through proven interactive lessons
  • Enhance their writing and reading comprehension
  • Engage in interactions outside of class

Camp Counselors

Our counselors are available and share residence with the students during their stay on campus. Counselors are all students or recent graduates of Harvard University.

They help students by:

  • Providing guidance outside of class
  • Supervising students when visiting sites off-campus
  • Assisting with coursework or other related work

With our proven, structured language lessons and opportunities for exploration into the arts and culture of the US, the educators of the English language program at Harvard Sq will ensure the support and self-confidence of their students.


There’s no better way to learn a language than by immersing oneself in the culture of that language. Our instructors and counselors understand this by developing and organizing many out-of-class activities that are both educational and crucial to becoming an adept English speaker.

Students practice their English at:

  • Robotics Workshops at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Organized tours of Harvard University along with admission info
  • Computer coding workshops at Microsoft
  • Visits to the Google campus at Cambridge


ESL students are able to take advantage of learning in one of the oldest cities in the US. Colibri organizes multiple tours throughout the greater Boston area and offer a variety of activities and tours.

A broad range of recreational and educational activities are available, including:

  • Exposure to American cinema at local theaters
  • Shopping on Newbury Street.
  • Tours of the historic Freedom Trail
  • Visits to the Museum of Fine Arts
  • Marine Biology tours In Boston Harbor

In addition to Boston, Colibri also organizes tours of many destinations throughout New York City as well.

Weekend trip to New York City!


Colibri Boston provides students with on-campus housing for the entirety of the four-week program.

Tuition covers the student’s room, board, and amenities in Harvard square, which includes:

  • Dorm room (two students per room)
  • Furniture and Bed (linens and towels included)
  • Common area
  • Kitchen with access to appliances


Tuition for the English Language Program at Harvard Square as well as housing fees are priced at $4995.

$750 scholarships available for registration by June 1st.

The program tuition includes:

  • Fifteen hours of classroom instruction
  • Educational tours to universities and companies
  • Workshops
  • University and company tours
  • Room, board and amenities
  • Three meals per day
  • Transportation to and from airport
  • Insurance

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