For Organized Travel Groups

Theme-Based Travel

Colibri Boston specializes in organized group travel. We can accommodate requests from associations, clubs and companies interested in learning more about history, culture, or topics overseas. Whether it’s music, cuisine, technology, entrepreneurship or a social issue, we can create a full educational program filled with sightseeing and adventure.


  1. We have partnered with AAIDD (American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) to organize travel groups to Poland, Japan, Korea, Australia and many other countries. Travelers meet with university professors with a focus on special education, visit companies that hire people with disabilities, and engage with government officials to learn about legislature relating to people with disabilities.
  2. A local Boston brewing company traveled to Germany and Poland. Beyond the festival of Oktoberfest, our travel group attended workshops at university in Munich-the only institution in the world that offers a major in brewing and fermentation sciences.  In addition, we schedule a variety of tours visiting local breweries.

Company Retreats, Conferences and Workshops

In the past, we have partnered with tech companies to create weekly retreats in Romania, Costa Rica, Cuba and many other countries. Colibri can accommodate and organize any type of company retreat, whether it’s focused on nature, leisurely travel enhanced with cooking or yoga classes, hiking, or other team-building activities.

Colibri Boston can also organize hosting a company’s conferences and workshops in many countries throughout the world. We handle the logistics of booking space, organizing travel itineraries, and coordinate the lodgings for any size or type of company outing.   

International Groups Visiting the USA

We accommodate groups from foreign countries interested in educational travel to the US. There many fields of study to explore in the US, and Colibri offers informational trips relating to the US healthcare system, with visits to top US hospitals and medical schools. Entrepreneurship and business development have become crucial to the global economy, so we schedule trips to visit with top university professors and industry experts as well as visits to a variety of companies.