Educational Travel

Colibri Boston helps students, teachers, researchers and curious travelers explore the world through innovative and educational travel packages. We organize:

Teacher-led Trips

for middle and high schools

Faculty-led Trips

for colleges and universities


Theme-based Travel

focused on particular subject in specific countries

General Exploratory Travel

for associations, organized groups, and corporations

How We Work

At Colibri we design each trip individually with your faculty and group leaders based on your class curriculum and goals. We adjust the length, budget and itinerary to each group’s individual needs. We organize sightseeing adventures, facilitate university or school connections, and arrange meetings with experts in your field. We help with scheduling visits at local institutions, companies and places of interest. Colibri Boston takes care of all logistics like airfare, meals, hotels.


    Lower cost, higher quality and service

Colibri Boston is an owner-operated company that has extensive partnerships with independent guides and local travel bloggers in every country we go. This allows us to keep costs down for an affordable international trip for students and professionals. Colibri Boston guarantees lowest cost for study tours and camps- often 50% lower than competitors.

Our 9-day trips to Europe start from $1950 per person including airfare, hotel, meals and sightseeing.


  4/5 stars for comfort and 1 million stars for experience

We create our trips for curious travelers and believe that every part of the trip should be a learning experience. When choosing hotels, we make sure to pair comfort with local charm. We avoid chains and go for hidden gems that stay true to the country’s aesthetics and regional flavors. From stunning medieval castles in Poland, to original hutongs in China, or to ice hotels in Romania, Colibri’s accommodations are part of the adventure.

Example of hotels we stayed in:

Polonia Palace , Warsaw

The Polonia Palace is a hotel located in a beautifully restored mansion located in the heart of Warsaw. It has survived war and political crises with dignity, and today stands as a symbol of the best of both old and new Warsaw.

Hotel Shin Shin, Seoul

Hotel Shin Shin is an original Korean brand featuring modern design and clever space arrangements necessary to combine comfort with top location in the fourth biggest city in the world.

Traditional Ryokans in Japan

Serene tatami mat guestrooms that look out of an ornamental garden, en suite aromatic cypress baths, and an almost obsessive attention to detail and service; this is Japanese accommodation is at its traditional best.


As a tour operator we are insured by Philadelphia Insurance group. Additionally we offer individual insurance for our travelers that include trip cancellation, delays, and medical coverage. We offer complex coverage through Geo Blue, AVI, IMG.