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On behalf of our UMASS Delegation to Cuba 2017 we distributed school supplies, soaps, toothbrushes, vitamins and medication to kids in one of the Havana’s orphanages.




Here at Colibri we truly believe that education provides peace and prosperity wordwide. Check our latest non-for profit projects, trips and organizations that we support! Ready to join us?

On behalf of Participants of UMass Delegation to Poland 2016 Colibri Boston donated to Central Asia Institute: March 22nd, 2016

Malala Yousafzai:
With guns you can kill terrorists, with education you can kill terrorism.

On March 22 nd 2016, just two days after our Polish delegation happily return from Europe to the United States, we learned about the terrorist attack in Belgium.  In memory of all the victims we donated funds to Central Asia Institute -organizations that builds schools in the countries with highest rates of terrorist attacks.

Thank you for your incredible support of Central Asia Institute. Because of your generosity, CAI is able to continue its mission to empower communities of Central Asia through literacy and education. With your help, we have been able to promote peace through education, with a focus on girls and young women in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan.

Without your generous gift, we would not be able to build schools, provide scholarships, train teachers, or carry out the education-based programs we help fund. In 2016, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. In that time CAI has initiated over 450 education-based programs in remote, impoverished regions of Central Asia.

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Zdjecie do faculty led trip

Contributors to Umass Boston Poland 2016 delegation:
Bailey Morris, SuroviecStephen, Miller Anita, Langley Winston, Zaremba-Simons, Patricia Simons Marina, DaSilva Kate , Xu Joe Lianwu, Hopkins Elizabeth Li Mina, Minami Takuya, Schmidt William, GalliherRosalie, Yan Wenfan, Hinck Alice, Smith Patricia Ruth, Miller Katrina, Carney Patricia, Alem Sarah, Eduwensuyi Nicole, Griffin Gail, Rivera Mark, Grant Stoltzfus Stuart, Hineline Vicki, McClearn Julie, Zalewska Agnes, Lopes Mendes Tyra, Regal Colleen , White Erika , Felicia Wilczenski